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November 13, 2009

Say Yes to the Dress. Say No to the Price.

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“Today Courtnee definitely went out of her budget. But is she leaving the store with the dress of her dreams? Yes, she is.” 
- Kleinfeld’s Sales Associate
It’s Friday night. I’m hanging out in the living room with my hubby and cats, talking to my sister-in-law on Facebook and watching Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. It’s a quiet night and when I get done typing to you I’m going to get myself a glass of wine. But I couldn’t let this *points to quote above* pass without commenting. 
The thing that bothered me about this is, this poor girl came in to the store with her Godmother, who was helping to pay for the dress for her.  They had a budget, which they conveyed to the salesperson. I then watched as this horrible woman pulled dresses for the bride fully acknowledging that she was pulling a gown that did not fit this woman’s budget. The budget was $4,500 dollars and this evil witch brings her a dress costing $7,200. 
This woman was gleeful in her planning to wait until the very last dress and then have the bride try it on. Now you know that a dress that sells for $7,200 is going to be more magnificent than a dress that sells for $4,500 so why put that option out there if the bride can’t afford it? Because all these people care about is making a bigger sale. The bride, of course, loved the dress and her mother and Godmother of course decided that she should have the dress.
Now everyone has free will and the bride could have just said no to even trying on the way too expensive ($2,700 over the budget) dress and her family could have said, “No, we’re sorry we just can’t afford it.” But I still think it was horribly manipulative of the salesperson to even bring that dress in.  For real people $2,700 is several whole paychecks. 

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